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3 Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle season is upon us. We are constantly reminded on social media, the radio and TV to keep a close eye out for motorcyclists but accidents still happen. That’s why these 3 things are a must read for all the motorcyclists out there:

1. Talk with your medical insurance provider or review your plan to make sure that your medical insurance will cover motorcycle injuries. If your medical insurance plan does not provide coverage you can add medical benefits with various limits to your motorcycle insurance policy.

2. Michigan Insurance Group highly recommends wearing all safety gear, including a helmet. However, if you prefer to ride without a helmet in Michigan you are required to have a minimum of $20,000 in medical benefit coverage on your motorcycle policy. If you have a rider that amount may be higher.

3. Safety courses are always a good refresher for the riding season. Motorcycle safety courses will also provide a discount on your motorcycle insurance. Hot Rod Harley Davidson,…

How to Avoid Pot Holes

You’re driving down the road and your vehicle’s front end dips down and thuds. You cringe because you know you’ve just driven through a pothole. As we all know, hitting a pothole is not fun. The winter weather does a number on Michigan roads. As we patiently wait for the roads to be repaired, here are a few things you can do to help avoid potholes and damage:

Slow down. If you slow down you have a chance of lessening the impact the pothole will have on you and your vehicle.
Traffic patterns. Pay attention to the distance between you and other vehicles. By leaving more space you have more time to react. If you see the vehicle in front of you hit a pothole and you’ve left enough distance you might have enough time to adjust your driving speed before driving over the pothole or avoid it all together.
Beware of puddles. Watch closely for potholes after a lot of rain. Water does a very nice job hiding a pothole.
Steering wheel. “Keep a firm grip on your steering wheel as potholes can cause …

Should I Contact My Insurance Agent About Home Improvements?

We’re finally getting that central air I wished for last Summer when the house was sweltering.
The kids will be so excited when they find out we're putting in a pool.
It's time for another trip to Home Depot to pick out shingles for the roof.
How cozy will our home be next Winter when we can use the new wood stove?

If your thoughts about the changes to your home are similar to these, it's time to contact your insurance agent. Many changes, whether they are upgrades or improvements, need to be disclosed on your home insurance for many reasons.
A new pool, trampoline, or wood stove are exciting updates and bring enjoyment to you and your family, but they also bring risks. If a claim situation arises and your pool, trampoline, or wood stove is not listed on your homeowner's insurance, you could find yourself in a situation where the claim is denied or a deductible that was affordable is now out of the question.

Another reason to contact your insurance agent is to save money.…

Real Reasons to Have Motorcycle Insurance

Of course, there is one obvious reason why you should have motorcycle insurance: It's the law. However, I know there are so many more profound reasons why people have motorcycle insurance. I know a few people who have owned or own motorcycles and I was really interested to find out why they had/have insurance on their bikes. I reached out to them to get their reasoning. The following are the true testimonies and real reasons to have motorcycle insurance from a friend, my family and one of our very own clients:

"There's 2 major reasons to have motorcycle insurance: to cover your bike, and more importantly to cover yourself. I've heard from a couple riders that it's not IF you crash, it's WHEN you crash. You want to wear all the gear/equipment you can to protect yourself physically, and the best insurance to protect yourself financially. No matter whether you get injured, or if someone else gets injured and your found at fault." - Zach Standfuss

David Harris …

Featured blog: You Will Learn

Depression and anxiety are effecting more and more people. There are lessons to be learned when it effects someone you love.

Agency President, Donald Shampine, shares lessons to be learned in his blog post titled: You Will Learn. We thought it was worth sharing.