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Pack your emergency roadside kit.

Accidents and vehicle troubles are unexpected. That is why every vehicle should have an emergency roadside kit. Without a way to contact someone to help you off the side of the road you might have to flag down a good Samaritan or take care of the situation yourself. A well-packed, emergency roadside kit could mean the difference between a cold night on the side of the road and a little time to fix the problem.

We compiled a list of necessary items to add to your roadside kit: First Aid KitReflective vest to wear when outside the vehicleReflective safety triangleLighter, matches and roadside flaresFlashlight with extra batteriesJumper cablesTire pressure gaugeDuct tapeCutting toolScrewdriver, wrench and hammerBottled WaterNon-perishable foods: granola bars, trail mix, etc...Blankets for each person that frequently rides in the vehicleExtra socks/gloves incase hands/feet get cold.Rags or paper towels

Remember when Winter arrives the bottled water in your roadside kit could freeze. We re…

Teach Your Teen About Car Maintenance

You spend 30+ hours sitting in the passenger seat coaching your new teenage driver as they practice driving. How much time do you spend talking to them about car maintenance and how to properly taking care of the vehicle? The following list is topics to discuss with your teen to help better prepare them to maintain the vehicle they drive:
How to safely check and add fluids including; gas, oil, anti-freeze/coolant, transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid.

How to check headlights, break lights and turn signal lights. Inform them that a rapid blinking turn signal means a bulb is out.
How to check tire pressure and change a tire. As you are going over the tires talk about tire tread and depth.

Show your teen driver where to find and how to turn on hazard lights as well as when to use them.
Be aware of the sound the vehicle makes so that when an unfamiliar sound occurs they know something could be wrong with the vehicle i.e. squealing brakes means it is time to check the brakes and poss…