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7 Snowmobile Safety Tips

Once again Michigan weather has us guessing what will happen next. Will it rain? Will it be 65 and sunny? Will it ever snow again? With the current lull in snow and average temperatures of 45 degrees there are few snowmobiles on the trails. While you wait for the snow to blanket the ground again brush up on these snowmobile safety tips.

1. Check the forecast and check the conditions of the trails to prepare yourself for the trip.
2. Make sure your snowmobile is fully fueled. Running out of fuel on your snowmobile adventure could be dangerous and not so fun.
3. Never ride alone. Safety in numbers is very true with snowmobiling, especially if you plan to travel far. If your sled breaks you could ride home on the back of your friends snowmobile.
4. Stay to the right. Most snowmobile trails are two way so treat the trails like a road and follow any trail signs you come upon.
5. Dress for safety. It is important to dress in layers and wear mittens and gloves that protect your skin from th…

5 reasons to choose Michigan Insurance Group

Do you know the advantages of working with a local insurance agent vs. a captive insurance agent? We’ve gathered 5 reasons to work with an local agent:

1. Working with a local agent opens the door for the opportunity to receive multiple quotes without having to shop around to several businesses. There is no need to make phone call after phone call and give your information over and over again. Just make one call, give your information just once. Multiple carriers under one roof gives us the ability to shop for home insurance and auto insurance for you.
2. One of the many great reasons to work with a local agent like Michigan Insurance Group is because we know the community you live in; we live there too. We work right around the corner. We shop at D&W and Frank’s Meat Market. We see movies at Cinema Carousel & Grand Haven 9. Our children play at The Y and read at Loutit Library. They’re growing up in the same community as your kids. 
When you work with an agent at MichiganInsur…

Top 10 Things that Play a Role in your Home Insurance Rate

There are many factors that insurance carriers take into account when determining a rate for your home insurance. Here is the top 10 things that play a role in your home insurance rate:

1. Credit score 2. Zip code 3. Age of Home

4. Age of Roof 5. Age of Furnace 6. Age of wiring 7. Size of your home 8. Construction of your home

9. Pools and\or trampolines 10. Other structures
The list does go on with several other things affecting the rate of your insurance. That is why it is best to speak to one of our insurance agents. They are well educated and know the right questions to ask to find you home insurance that properly protects your home, you and your family. 

If you have questions about home insurance rating factors or are in need of homeowners insurance please give us a call. 616-755-3000 or 231-755-3000

Written by Karlee Miller Creative Administrator

5 Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean has many benefits. We’ve pooled together 5 of our favorites for you, all of which will make for a very happy car and a very happy you.
1. Lower Repair & Maintenance costs – Routine maintenance such as new oil and oil filter, transmission fluid, etc. can lower cost of repairs plus your vehicle will run smoother.
2. A clean vehicle is a safer vehicle – Clean windshield, windows and mirrors will improve your visibility and be less distracting. With all the distractions we face while on the road don’t let bug guts, bird poop or dirt cloud your view.
A clean vehicle is also very important during Winter months. When you clean all the snow off your vehicle it helps reduce blind spots. It is also keeps snow from flying onto other vehicles on the road.

Our Licensed Insurance Agent, Ryan Miller, highly recommends frequent visits to a car wash during winter months to remove salt, dust and sand that can rust the under-body and dull the paint on your car.
3. Longer vehicle …