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5 Tips for a Healthy Lawn

It’s officially Spring in Michigan. The season of planting and growing is here. Ben Evans, the owner of Evan’s Lawn Care, who has been servicing the lakeshore for 14 years, has advice to help make your lawn healthier this year.
1. Test your soil. Before you put fertilizer down on your lawn always do a soil test. A soil test shows the quantity of nutrients in the soil and determines the amount of fertilizer needed. You can buy a soil test at your local home improvement store.

2. Fertilizing your lawn. A great way to remember when to fertilize is to follow the holiday schedule: Step one: Put fertilize on your lawn on Easter(or early April) Step two : Put fertilize on your lawn around Memorial Day
Step three: Put fertilize on your lawn around the Fourth of July
Step four: Put fertilize on your lawn between Labor Day and the fall equinox 

3. Watering your lawn. To have a healthy lawn it is important to have a strict watering program. Your lawn needs water just like we do. The best time to ir…