Thanksgiving Safety

The festivities that come with the holidays are an exciting time. We’d rather you spend your time with family then dealing with an insurance claim. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe at this year’s Thanksgiving feast.
Cooking Safety
Don’t walk away from the stove. All though guests will be arriving, and conversations will be in full swing, don’t walk away from the stove. Most cooking fires occur because of unattended cooking.
Oven fire? Close the oven. If a fire sparks in your oven, close the oven door to contain the fire and turn it off while you call the Fire Department.

Traveling Safety
Secure items in your car. Whether transporting food, drinks, games, pets or luggage make sure all items are secured so that if you must stop quickly they won’t become a flying hazard inside your car.

Check the weather and the time. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination safely. Michigan weather can be unpredictable, but this shouldn’t stop you from bein…

What Information Do I Need to Get Renter’s Insurance?

If you rent an apartment, condo or house your landlord or condo association will have insurance. Many times, tenants will assume they are also insured if they experience a loss. We’re here to tell you this is not the case. In fact, it is the complete opposite. The insurance that the landlord or association has insures them, their property and liability. It does not insure you or any of your possessions. That’s where Renter’s insurance comes in handy.

For approximately $35-$50 a month renter’s insurance could help replace your belongings if they are lost or stolen, cover costs of damages and more. Check out our blog to find more real reasons to have renter’sinsurance.
Renter’s insurance doesn’t just cover your belongings. It also comes with Liability coverage, which protects you in case you or a family member are sued for causing property damage or injury to someone else.
If you’re interested in getting renter’s insurance, but you’re not sure where to begin, here is a list of informa…

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Vacation Home?

If you have a seasonal or vacation property or a second home you use for guests or getaways, you may be pleased to discover there are multiple options for insuring that property and any liability that goes with it.
There are off-the-shelf policies that meet most second-home owners’ basic needs, and there are customizable policies that can be tailored to specific circumstances, such as high-value homes and properties you intend to rent out to others. There are even policies for homes you don’t plan to use at all but want to keep, such as inherited family properties.
In some cases, your vacation house can piggyback on your homeowners insurance policy; in other cases, you will have to purchase separate coverage. Though you might not be required to carry any kind of insurance coverage other than property — the kind of insurance that pays to repair or rebuild a structure that is damaged by fire, storm, burst pipes, falling trees and other perils — you will probably also want liability ins…

Is My Home Business Covered On My Home Insurance?

Though a home business operates out of a house that has insurance, it isn’t covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Not only do you have work property that could be damaged, destroyed or stolen, but you also have data and business income whose value wouldn’t be covered under standard home insurance. Additionally, you might have inventory or the property of others stored at your house. If it is lost or destroyed, you will need coverage from a small-business policy.

The good news is small companies and sole proprietorships are booming in the United States, and insurers have responded with multiple types of insurance policies for in-home businesses. Some are written for the most basic protections — property loss and liability claims — while others are highly specific about the type of business you run, such as catering, cosmetic sales, tailoring or music lessons. Notice that some at-home businesses involve children and other clients entering the home. Very expensive, very serious c…

Why Should I Create A Photo Inventory of My Home?

Major home losses occur every day in Michigan. From large-scale flooding to tornadoes to single-house fires, unforeseen events can destroy, scatter or render the contents of your home completely unrecognizable. That’s why it is important to create a home inventory that can be stored on the cloud. Pictures, receipts and written descriptions or appraisals can help you get the greatest appropriate value for personal property that is damaged, stolen or destroyed in a covered event.

Renters, mobile home owners, condo owners and homeowners all should have a digital record of at least their valuable belongings, though it’s easy enough to create one of everything you own. With a digital record, you can add to it as you amass more items or delete from it as you discard things. Not only can you record the appearance of your belongings, but you can also record their price, model number (if applicable), and location in your home. To get a glimpse of how important inventorying is, walk out of your …

How Can I Save Money on My Insurance?

One of the things Michigan Insurance Group loves doing is helping clients save money. To give you an idea of how we help you cut down insurance costs for clients we compiled a list of 15 ways to save money on your insurance:
1. Bundle your home and auto insurance When your home and auto insurance are with one carrier it’s more than just convenient, it saves you money.
2. Sign up for paperless billing. Receiving bills via email could save you time and a few dollars a month.  
3. Opt in for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Some of our carriers offer a 7-14% discount if you sign up for automatic payments from your account.
4. Pay in Full Not everyone’s budget can allow for this, but if you save money through the year and can make it happen, you can cut your insurance cost almost in half. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about paying insurance every month?
5. Own your home Homeownership has many perks. One advantage of owning a home is that you get a discount on your auto ins…

What Maintenance Should I Do This Fall?

Cooler nights are upon us already. Take advantage of the days between Summer adventures and raking leaves to perform a bit of routine maintenance. These tasks can give you peace of mind as winter weather hits.

1. Tune up your furnace Replace the furnace filter, check your thermal coupler and vacuum out the dust. If there is a humidifier attached to it perform maintenance on that as well.
2. Batteries Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, CO2 detectors and better check the fire extinguisher too.
3. Water Store hoses, turn off outdoor water supplies and direct drainage away from the house.
4. Chimney Have your chimney and fireplace inspected and swept. Make sure the damper is working.
5. Roof Inspect your roof for any damages and repair them as needed.
6. Gutters While you are working on roof repairs check the gutters and clean out leaves and sticks while you’re up there.
7. Windows If you put plastic up to cover your windows to save on heating cost now would be a good time to get…