What information do I need to get auto insurance?

You just graduated and received your diploma. Now it’s time to set out into this big world, live in a dorm, further your education. Except, Mom and Dad just told you it’s time to get your own auto insurance. Are you asking yourself: how do I get auto insurance? We have good news! We’re here to help. Here are the key things you need to know as you set out on your journey to get great coverage:
Shop local. An independent agent such as Michigan Insurance Group has a team of people that will work to find you the best rates and the best coverage for you. They will also answer your questions, educate you and shop for better rates on renewal through the life of your policy.

Research. Do some research and get to know insurance terms like: comprehensive, collision, and deductibles. Understanding these terms will help you prepare for the conversation you’ll have with an insurance agent.
Do you own your car? In order to insure a vehicle your name must be on the title. This is called “insurable int…

I am required to get Renter's Insurance. Where do I begin?

You thought you didn’t need to worry about any other insurance beyond car insurance until you owned a home. Think again! Many apartment complexes are starting to require or already require tenants to have Renter’s Insurance. Although required insurance might seem like a nuisance, it’s a benefit to both the Apartment Complex and yourself and could come in handy down the road. However, if you’ve never had to have Renter’s Insurance you may not know where to begin. Here’s a few ideas and tips on how to begin the process of getting Renter’s Insurance:

First it’s important to know that Renter’s Insurance is put in place to cover a few major things – personal contents and liability. It’s also there to help with the cost of staying in a hotel or staying with a fried if you’re displaced from your home during a claim. Renter’s insurance can also help cover medical payments that arise when a visitor is hurt, and you’re deemed liable.

Determining your risk and the value of your belongings are two …

Distracted Driving And Technology

In our multitasking society, people have taken to doing all sorts of things while driving, and many lives have been ruined because of it. Nobody — NOBODY — who drives distracted thinks they will be the cause of someone else’s death or dismemberment. They wouldn’t do it if they thought they would harm a passenger in their car or someone on the road. That’s why this message cannot be repeated enough times: Stop creating circumstances known to cause accidents!
Sending or reading a text message takes your eyes off the road for five seconds, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. At 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed. Imagine repeating that action throughout a multi-text conversation. Some people even take photos with their phones while driving and then post them to social media — all done with the belief they will never cause a collision or death.

Keep in mind, however, that even swerving into another …

7 Insurance Renewal Questions to Ask Yourself

With such a fast-paced world, life changes happen often. You can go through more changes than you may realize during the average six to twelve-month insurance policy term. Here are a couple of question we ask our clients when their policies come up for renewal. These are questions that help us ensure their renewal policy will cover them properly. While reviewing your renewal policy, whether it be home insurance or auto insurance, keep these questions in mind:

Are there any new licensed drivers in your home, drivers that have moved out, or maybe a student driver is now on the honor roll at school?
Have you purchased any new vehicles or trailers not listed on your policy?
Have you changed jobs, retired, or updated your medical insurance?
Have you remodeled your home, built a garage, pool, or finished your basement?

Did you purchase any “toys” like an ATV or snowmobile, or any jewelry or collectibles?
Have you added an alarm system to your home?
Have you made any other changes such as r…

7 Ways to Get Affordable Car Insurance

If you’re asking yourself “how do I find affordable car insurance?,” then we are glad you found us. We’re here to show you a few ways to find car insurance that is affordable.
1. Find a local insurance agent. Local insurance agents, especially those that work with Trusted Choice, "are dedicated to you and are committed to treating you as a person, not a policy." What does this mean? Trusted Choice agencies are here to offer you quality service and a quality product at a competitive price. Michigan Insurance Group agents love saving you money by educating you so that you can make decisions about insurance that are best for you. 
2. Drive safe. Do you have a few points on your record? An accident? Granted sometimes these are unavoidable but sometimes they are not. The good news is the points and accident will be removed from your record in time. Becoming a safer, cautious driver can have its rewards; including a better rate on your auto insurance.
3. Ask about discounts.  A Mult…

Is my ski equipment insured?

Did you know Michigan is home to the Midwest’s highest vertical drop? If you’re an avid skier, you may well know this and many other facts about Michigan’s rural and quasi-suburban skiing opportunities, both downhill and cross-country. In fact, Michigan is second-highest in the nation for the number of ski areas in a state.
With that in mind, you may be tempted to head right out to a park or the slopes, but don’t rush off without looking at your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy first. You want to make sure that your equipment has the proper coverage.

Many homeowner’s policies offer basic coverage for theft, fire and a limited number of other causes of damage to personal property, but high-value sports equipment might require a special addition to your homeowners or renter’s policy, such as an endorsement or a personal property floater. Your Trusted Choice®Independent Insurance Agent can help you determine if your policy needs to be enhanced to gain full coverage for your skis, b…

Why Should I Have Snowmobile Insurance?

Did you know that in 2016 there were 321,669 registered snowmobiles? Did you also know there are 6,200 miles of designated trails in Michigan? That’s a lot of snowmobiles and a lot of land to enjoy a snowy ride and have fun in white powdery snow. With that much land, and that many snowmobiles, that’s also a lot of chance for accidents, injuries and snowmobiles breaking down. Many of the misfortunes that could occur while snowmobiling can be more manageable with snowmobile insurance. If you’re wondering why you should have snowmobile insurance, here are a few good reasons:
With the right coverage you could get reimbursement to replace your sled if it is lost or stolen. Coming up with the money to replace your sled or cover a loan may not be easy. Comprehensive coverage takes the worry out of a fun sport!

If you have collision coverage, which is optional in some cases, you may be able to file a claim for damages to your snowmobile, whether it is caused by another person, collision with…