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Throwback Thursday to Community Events

Our team really enjoys participating in the community, being involved in local events and giving back. We always have a fun time and enjoy getting out of the office for a while. In the last few years we've been able to work together to participate in different events in the Muskegon and Grand Haven areas. Our Throwback Thursday today is a look back at National Night Out, Fruitport Old Fashion Days, Windshield Repair Days and more.

Creative Admin, Karlee Miller and Volunteer, Kristel Standfuss Fruitport, Michigan
 Fruitport Old Fashion Days 2014

Face Painting at National Night Out 2014 Norton Shores
Handmade Ornaments for Circle of Trees North Muskegon
Decorating at Circle of Trees North Muskegon
Windshield Repair Day 2016 Grand Haven, Michigan
Agency President, Donald Shampine at Family Fun Day 2016 Grand Haven, Michigan
Family Fun Day 2016, Grand Haven, MI

Our team downtown Grand Haven 2016

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Why Make a Home Inventory?

What would you do if you didn’t have insurance and a fire destroyed your home, along with everything inside? What would you do if you didn’t have insurance and your car was a complete loss after an accident?  One of the ways to be prepared for disaster is to create a home inventory. Here are four reasons why you should make a home inventory:
1. Insurance purposes.The most obvious reason to create a home inventory is for insurance. When it comes time to file a claim for your possessions your home inventory will aid in the processes. 

2. Save time.Submitting your home inventory to your insurance agent will be a much quicker task than recalling your family’s possessions.
3. Value.A well-organized and detailed home inventory can prove the value of your possessions. This will also help determine how much insurance you should have. Should you increase your current insurance policy?

4. Peace of Mind.After experiencing a terrible loss, such as a burglary, fire or flood it will be difficult to rec…

Top 6 Reasons Why I Have Auto Insurance

What would you say if someone asked you: "Why do you have car insurance?" If your response is something like: "Because it's the law," or "Because I have to." I am here to tell you there are many more reasons to have car insurance. Here are my top six reason why I have auto insurance:

1. It's the law. Of course, I have car insurance because I want to be a legal driver. I also don't want to pay any extra costs for not being insured.

2. Cover your loss. Auto insurance can help provide coverage if you are found legally liable for damages to others. Covering these costs out of pocket can be very expensive, and put your personal assets (home, investments, savings, etc.) at risk.

3. To save money. By having auto insurance with the same carrier as my home insurance I save money. I receive a multi-policy discount for home insurance and auto insurance.

4. I care. I care about the people riding in my car; both friends and family. If we were in an acciden…

Keep Motorcyclists Safe

I stepped out on my front porch this morning and saw the very tips of a leafy daffodil peeking out from the cold frosty ground. How exciting!? That’s a true sign that Spring is only 11 days away. Another sign of Spring is motorcycles, which I have also seen a few of, testing out their ride for the first time this year. I think it's perfect time to mention a few tips that will help keep motorcyclists safe this year:
1. Give motorcycles plenty of room. Stay back and steer clear. Even with a helmet and proper riding gear a motorcyclist has far less protection than you. Give motorcycle riders a lot of room on the roads.

2. Look Twice, Save a Life. We've heard the saying before but do we follow it? Check your blind spot and check it again. Motorcycles are smaller than majority of the vehicles on the road so it is easier for them to be hidden in your blind spot. Always check your rear-view mirrors and blind spots when changing lanes.
3. Be aware. Being aware of your surroundings ca…

10 Reasons Why I Have Home Insurance

1 month ago I wrote about “Why I had Renter’s Insurance.” Now that I own my home I feel it is just as important to share with you why I have home insurance:

The Security of knowing our home and belongings are protected.So I can sleep at night and not worry about the what ifs.We have a pool. Having a pool comes along with risks but our home insurance and umbrella insurance gives us peace of mind that we are protected whether we are home or away.If our home is destroyed in a fire we will lose a lot but at least with insurance we can get some of it back.My husband is an insurance agent and has helped me understand the value of home insurance.Our mortgage company requires that we have homeowners insurance.If our sump pump backs up into our basement and there is damage we don’t have to worry because we have an endorsement on our home insurance policy to help cover the cost of damages.If our home has to be rebuilt after a covered loss we don’t have to worry about additional living expenses …