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Michigan events in September

August is almost over and September its nearly here. Autumn is well on its way, which means colorful leaves, Halloween, and that glowing charm you can only get in Michigan. While us Michiganders dread the coming Winter, we are very fortunate to have such crisp Autumns in the Mitt. Here are a few things you can do this September.

Autumn cruises on the Manitou
The Traverse Tall Ship Company offers cruises on Grand Traverse Bay during September and October. Each cruise visits localities along the coastline and allow you to soak in the colors of the lake.
Cruises include the six-day explorer cruise for $704 per person, the four-day star gazer cruise for $577 per person and a four-day Michigan Craft Beer Cruise for $577 per person.
A Manitou cruise is a true way to get away from the TV, mobile phones, internet, and really unwind. And with a limit of 22 people, the ships are never overcrowded. A ticket includes lodging, meals and sailing activities.
For more information visit www.TallShip…

Is your home prepared for another Michigan Winter?

The days are getting shorter now and it won’t be long until winter is once again upon us Michiganders. Winters in the Mitten can be harsh, so you should make any last-minute repairs to your home while you still can. Here are a few home improvement projects you should get done before that Winter wind starts blowing.
Roof replacement/repair
The roof is what keeps the outside outside and the inside inside. If you have roof problems, then you should get that taken care of before they get worse. A neglected roof can mean more damage to your home, leaks, and potential water damage to your home.  The water can even get into your basement, causing extensive water damage to your home.

Window replacement
Windows serve a similar purpose to a roof, so you need good ones in order to help keep your home warm and cozy during the winter months. New windows will help eliminate that draft and will take a nice chunk of change off of your monthly energy bills.
Gutter cleaning and installation
Many people pu…

How Can I Prevent Sewer Backup Into My Home?

Having a sewage back up in your home is not only extremely unpleasant, but also one of the most dangerous emergencies that can occur as well. Bacterial contamination can spread quickly and can lead to terrible diseases such as Hepatitis A. People don’t like to think about where there sewage goes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether there is a sewage backup problem until sewage water starts to back up.

Sewer Backup Causes Accumulation of Clogs: Solid materials such as hair, diapers, and hygienic napkins can clog a system. Grease is also a major problem, and even tree roots can cause a system to become blocked. Manholes can also be affected by vandalism when someone crams leaves, rocks, trash, and other material into it.
Aging Sewer Systems: Older properties may have outdated plumbing. This is especially the case when the plumbing pipes are made of metal, which naturally corrode over time.
Problems at the Sanitary Main: It is possible for problems to occur at a municipal syste…

What exactly is the Right-of-Way?

The term "right-of-way" is used to describe the right to go first in a specific area. The law does not expressly grant the right of way to anymore; instead, right-of-way rules motorists how to decide which of them goes first. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the basic rules are as follows:
The first vehicle to arrive at an intersection gets to go first.

When two vehicles arrive at an intersection at the same time, the vehicle on the right gets to go first (it has the right-of-way).

If neither of the above two riles apply, traffic that is going straight through an intersection has the right-of-way over traffic that is turning left.

Who has the Right-of-Way?

You should never insist on taking the right-of-way. When in doubt, let the other cars go before you. It's always better to err on the side of caution and ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of others. You may technically have the right to go,but if another driver commits a righ…