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What do I need to do before riding my motorcycle for the first time?

You’ve had the urge to ride since you put your motorcycle in storage last Fall. Spring has arrived and riding season is within reach. Don’t let the excitement to ride get the best of you. Go through our checklist and make sure you’re officially ready to ride when it’s go time.

1. Take a safety course
If you haven’t taken a motorcycle safety course now is the time. Motorcycle safety courses are often offered locally and could lead to discounts on your motorcycle insurance. Courses are also a great opportunity to practice your safe riding skills.

2. Register your motorcycle
Make sure to register your motorcycle license plate. If you have previously registered your bike, make sure the registration is up to date.

3. Inspect your motorcycle
Before you take off check the belt, chain, horn, blinkers, head light and break light are working properly.Are your tires at proper pressure?Check the fluids and fill up your gas tank.4. Get riding gear Are you wearing proper riding gear? Helmet, riding jack…

The Right Coverage for Your Mobile Home

Whether you use your mobile home as a vacation spot, a rental property or a primary residence, you need homeowner’s insurance specifically designed for its needs. Typical structures covered are mobile, manufactured or modular homes situated in a mobile home park or on another property, as well as sheds, garages or other structures that you own and include on the policy.
Mobile home insurance covers damage to your home and its contents from events such as fire, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, broken pipes and other perils as named in your policy. If your home is rendered uninhabitable from a covered loss, you might also be insured for alternative housing and living expenses while your insured property is being restored.

If you wish to cover sewage or drain backups, your Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent can advise you on how to add that to your mobile homeowners insurance policy. You might also be able to cover your home while it is being moved to a different location. Flood i…