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5 Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance, or towing as it is often referred to, is one insurance coverage you will wish you had opted in for as you shell out cash to get towed off the side of the road. Having roadside assistance coverage has many benefits; including being reimbursed the money you just paid the tow company. Here are our top 5 benefits of Roadside Assistance:

Get Reimbursed Every policy is written differently. Same is true for companies. For example, some companies supply a toll-free number to a contracted roadside assistance company and there is no out of pocket expense. Other companies offer a reimbursement plan where the out of pocket expense is typically reimbursed within 7-10 business days. 24-Hour Services Some of our companies as well as the Nation Safe Driver Roadside Assistance Program, offer around the clock emergency towing to a destination you choose, emergency roadside service in the U.S. and Canada, emergency battery service, and emergency supply delivery. Flat Tire Change “Cus…