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Is my ski equipment insured?

Did you know Michigan is home to the Midwest’s highest vertical drop? If you’re an avid skier, you may well know this and many other facts about Michigan’s rural and quasi-suburban skiing opportunities, both downhill and cross-country. In fact, Michigan is second-highest in the nation for the number of ski areas in a state.
With that in mind, you may be tempted to head right out to a park or the slopes, but don’t rush off without looking at your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy first. You want to make sure that your equipment has the proper coverage.

Many homeowner’s policies offer basic coverage for theft, fire and a limited number of other causes of damage to personal property, but high-value sports equipment might require a special addition to your homeowners or renter’s policy, such as an endorsement or a personal property floater. Your Trusted Choice®Independent Insurance Agent can help you determine if your policy needs to be enhanced to gain full coverage for your skis, b…

Why Should I Have Snowmobile Insurance?

Did you know that in 2016 there were 321,669 registered snowmobiles? Did you also know there are 6,200 miles of designated trails in Michigan? That’s a lot of snowmobiles and a lot of land to enjoy a snowy ride and have fun in white powdery snow. With that much land, and that many snowmobiles, that’s also a lot of chance for accidents, injuries and snowmobiles breaking down. Many of the misfortunes that could occur while snowmobiling can be more manageable with snowmobile insurance. If you’re wondering why you should have snowmobile insurance, here are a few good reasons:
With the right coverage you could get reimbursement to replace your sled if it is lost or stolen. Coming up with the money to replace your sled or cover a loan may not be easy. Comprehensive coverage takes the worry out of a fun sport!

If you have collision coverage, which is optional in some cases, you may be able to file a claim for damages to your snowmobile, whether it is caused by another person, collision with…

Sledding Safety

The weather might be 20 degrees with wind that makes it feel like 5 degrees but that won't keep the kids indoors. They are sure to dress up from head to toe in all their winter gear and find the nearest snow covered hill to go sledding. Before the fun begins it's important to warn them about sledding safety. Here are a few good reminders about sledding:

Winter Gear
When putting on snow pants, hat, gloves and a scarf cover as much skin as you can to try and avoid frostbite or hypothermia. Warn your kids of the signs of frostbite so they know when cold is too cold.

Look around before going down.
Check for fences, trees, other structures and traffic. What is at the bottom of the hill and what will you pass on your way down? Avoid sledding down hills with trees, bushes or hills that lead to a road. Don't sled on hills packed with ice, especially at the bottom because the landing will be much harder.

Sled together.
Adults and older kids should sled with younger kids. Younger kids …

Fireplace Safety

When it’s chilly outside, sitting by the warm fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa is a cozy way to relax in the Winter months. Before you sit down to sip your cocoa and enjoy the warmth of the fire, remember these fireplace safety tips:

Did you inspect & clean the chimney? We recommend hiring a certified chimney sweep at least once a year to inspect and clean your chimney before using it again for the first time.
Check the damper. Make sure the damper is open before starting the fire. You can check the damper by looking in the chimney; a mirror usually helps. Leave the damper open until the fire is done burning.
Ashes. Did you know the thicker the ashes in the fireplace, the more smoke is produced? Thick ashes will lessen air flow to the logs. Clean out cooled ashes before placing logs inside the fireplace.
Home Insurance. If you have a fireplace, or install a new fireplace, let your insurance agent know to update your policy, so that if there is damage or loss to your fireplace, you a…