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Trick or Treat Safety

Only two days until little goblins, princesses, villains and super heroes will parade the streets. Kids of all ages will be searching for lit porch lights because, as we all know, a lit porch light means treats are just a knock, knock away.
Halloween is a fun and exciting time for everyone. Keep the holiday safe and enjoyable this year with these tips:
1.Before you dress in your costume and go door-to-door, remind children to look both ways before crossing every street.
2. If you decide to drive take your time going through the neighborhood. Watch for trick or treaters that might dart out on the streets.
3. Kids should exit the car curb side to avoid traffic in the street. 
4. Glow sticks and necklaces or flashlights will make children more visible at night.
5. Keep your head lights on and music low so you can see and hear kids better.
6. Are your teenagers going in a group? Remind your teens that going in a group is safer than going alone.  
7. After trick or treating look through your kids…