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Don't Buy That Used Car Yet

So, you have decided to buy a used car. What is your next step? How about research? Before you let shiny rims or clean interior persuade you; take the time to do a little research. 

There are several things you can do to prepare yourself for buying a pre-owned car. The following things will help you in the process of purchasing a car:  

1. Decide on a budget. Can you afford monthly payments vs. buying the car outright? Is making payments even an option?

2. Research the dealership or car lot. Do they have a good reputation? 

3. Research dependable cars. On average, how many more miles can you drive the car before it will need costly repairs? 

4.What is the cars value? Is it worth the asking price? If not what is it worth?

5. Inspect the engine, under body, tires, windshield, door functions. Do the heated seats, radio and sun roof work? 

6. If you plan on test driving a car schedule a time with your mechanic to check over the car. Some mechanics will do this for a small fee and other mechanic…

Give Yourself the Best Odds

At Michigan Insurance Group we pride ourselves in providing insurance which protects you and your family financially. Today, however, I want to discuss protecting you and your family physically.  

Travelling home on New Year’s Day from Midland, MI we hit terribly icy roads going South on 131.  Everyone was driving very slowly and we had passed at least 4 cars which had slid into the ditch.  My husband was driving our mini-van with our two girls in the backseat and our little dog in his bed between them. In a split second we saw the car in front of us slide from the right lane into the left and then pitch dramatically right into the ditch, rolling into a tree. It was terrifying. 

We pulled up next to the car and all I could see in the dark was the driver’s door open and a leg hanging out.  Once we stopped, my husband ran, slipping and sliding, over to the vehicle and I called 911. I rolled down my window. I could see the driver was out of the car talking to my husband. 

My most vivid memo…

How many Museums are in Michigan?

Michigan winter is definitely upon us and the snowflakes continue to fall. Some of us are excited to snow shoe, ski, snowboard and build snow forts, but others are hibernating next to a cozy fireplace dreaming of sunnier days. If you are one of the many individuals anticipating the return of Spring and Summer; enjoy a little Michigan knowledge. 
Did you know Michigan has over 500 museums?

Dinosaurs Unearthed, Grand Rapids Art Museum
You can visit the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo or The American Museum of Magic in Marshall. Stop in to see the largest private collection of Coca-cola related items at the Bottle-CapMuseum in Grayling. Take a walk through the 1895 Victorian house turned museum and see the Voigt family’s original furniture and belongings.
When you visit a museum you can learn about history, heritage, art or science. You can view the transformation of toys, bicycles and automobiles through history. History really does come alive as you walk through the Historic White Pine Village in Lud…