10 Perks of Renter's Insurance

When we compiled a list of renter’s insurance perks we realized they all benefit the insured, so we just had to share them with you.

1. Fire/Smoke Damage – If you live in an apartment and there is a fire in another apartment; your contents are covered whether they are damaged by fire or smoke.

2. Theft Protection – Renter’s insurance can cover your stuff up to the limits listed in your policy if they are stolen. Renter’s insurance can also cover your personal belongings while you are away, traveling for work or fun.

3. Coverage for damage you cause – If you tip over your friend’s TV, crash their bicycle or cause damage to the property of others you could be covered.

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4. Protection from liability claims – This helps protect you if you get sued for causing major damage or accused of defamation of character because of leaving a bad review online.

5. Affordable coverageRenter’sinsurance costs about the same as eating out once a month or about as much as one latte a week.

6. Coverage for hotel costs – Also known as “Loss of use” coverage. This can help cover living expenses if your home is uninhabitable after a covered loss.

7. Medical expenses if guests are injured – A friend comes over and trips over a rug or falls down your stairs and breaks their arm. Your renter’s insurance can help cover the medical expenses.

8. Storage unit – Do you have your stuff in a storage unit? A renter’s policy will cover that stuff if it’s damaged or stolen. Talk to an agent about coverage limits on stored property.

9. Sewer backup – This is an endorsement that can be added to your renter’s insurance to cover the damage from water or sewer that backs up through a drain.

10. Peace of Mind – Knowing your stuff is insured and that you are covered in case something unexpected occurs.

These 10 renter’s insurance perks can vary depending on your insurance company or carrier. We recommend you check with your agent or call Michigan Insurance Group if you have any questions.

Karlee Miller
Creative Administrator
Christina Jarvis
Customer Service Rep.


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