What Are the Different Types of Collision Coverage?

Happy National Insurance Awareness Day! National Insurance Awareness Day is a day to remind you to look over your insurance coverage. Has your lifestyle changed since your last insurance review? Do you need or want more or different coverage? There are so many good reasons to review your insurance. We recommend talking to an insurance agent for a professional opinion about insurance coverage.

While you're focused on coverage, we want to also remind you about the 3 types of Collision Coverage in Michigan:
  • Broad Form Collision - Provides collision coverage no matter who is at fault. Deductible only applied if you are found at fault.
  • Standard Collision - Provides collision coverage no matter who is at fault. Deductible is applied no matter who is at fault.
  • Limited Collision - Only provides collision coverage if you are not at fault. No vehicle coverage if you are at fault.
  • No Collision – no coverage if there is collision damage to the insured vehicle. 

 Here's a fun little insurance infographic that illustrates the different types of collision coverage:

What is comprehensive coverage? - Comprehensive provides vehicle coverage for everything other than a motor vehicle collision. For example; theft, falling objects, vandalism or glass.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage - Provides you with protection if you are hit by an uninsured driver or driver that does not carry enough liability coverage to pay for damages to your vehicle.

Written by Ryan Miller
Licensed Insurance Agent
Karlee Miller
Creative Administrator


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