Does My College Student Need Renter's Insurance?

Before you answer that question there are a few other things to consider. The following will give you a better idea if Renter’s Insurance is right for your college student.

Take a few minutes to consider the amount of stuff your college students will have in their apartment or college dorm. Make an inventory. Our list starts with college books, furniture, clothing and jewelry, electronics including a computer, cell phone, tablet and TV. Check out this infographic for the rest of the list. You'll find the math adds up quickly. 

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Next, find out if your college student will be covered by your current Homeowner's policy. According to our carrier Safeco Insurance, some policies offer a certain amount of coverage for your student, based on your limits. “So, if you have $100,000 of personal property coverage on your policy, your student has $10,000 or $20,000 worth of coverage.” Keep in mind every policy is different. We recommend speaking to a local agent.

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Another thing to consider is that your policy might now offer coverage to your college student, especially if they live off campus. This is also a very good reason to call and talk to your agent. If your current policy does not extend coverage to your student there is another affordable option. Renter’s Insurance is available for college students and can include personal property coverage, liability coverage, medical payments and more.

If you decide Renter’s Insurance is what your student needs, work with them to create an inventory of all of their belongs. Photos, cost and receipts will aid in the claims process if any of their belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

Written by Karlee Miller
Creative Administrator
Christina Jarvis
Customer Service Representative


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